Training Center

Our Capabilities
INSTALL is the floor covering industry’s working cooperative of mills, manufacturers, industry consultants, contractors and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) who combine to present the best training installation program in North America.

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Through this alliance, INSTALL North Central States mechanics receive the newest installation methods and newest technology from the 100+ mills and manufacturers who partner to keep our training the best in the business. Technical experts from the biggest names in the flooring industry partner with veteran instructors from the UBC to take an active role in helping to update the INSTALL curriculum on a regular basis.
These experts ensure that INSTALL’s curriculum addresses current labor needs in the floor covering industry.
INSTALL is also supported by the UBC International Training Fund, which allots more than $200 million each year to training its members, including floor layers.

How We Train

Our floor covering curriculum content prepares our installers to be proficient in industry standards, manufacturer recommendations, and design specifications. Training includes theory and practice of proper floor preparation, installation, and finishing procedures for carpet, linoleum, vinyl and other resilient s, hardwood, laminate, artificial and turf sports surfaces, and other accessories.
More than 100 course modules are used, covering areas such as general knowledge, preparation, materials, installation, and supplemental.
Our floor layers learn from an established set of standards, which include fundamental, core installer skills; graduated levels of skill competence and experience; written proof of theoretical knowledge; and hands-on skill testing. Standards also include external educational accreditation of trainers and trainees.
INSTALL North Central States apprentices spend hundreds of hours at our state-of-the-art training facilities. There they gain theory and hands-on experience by working with the full spectrum of floor covering materials. Apprentices must master four years of training and demonstrate their knowledge before moving through the program.


INSTALL veterans have available to them skill-upgrade training to stay on top of the latest floor covering techniques, products and technology.
Graduating apprentices and journeymen all are required to be certified in resilient, carpet, and/or wood flooring. This certification process rigorously tests the skills of every man or woman seeking to work under the INSTALL stripes.

Don’t let your hard earned INSTALL certification expire. INSTALL requires 8 hrs of upgrade training to renew your certification. This 8 hrs is over 4 years, (with a 1 year grace period), meaning you have 5 years to do 4 upgrades. 1 upgrade = 2hrs.

Please contact Chris or Kelly at the training center (651-221-1304) with questions concerning your current upgrade hour status.

For Training Center information please phone Chris Favreau or Kelly Bakke at (651) 221-1304 or (651) 221-1305 or you can fax us at (651) 221-1306