Install Warranty




Customers/Clients of INSTALL Warranty Contractors will receive from the INSTALL Committee a labor warranty for work installed by  INSTALLED Certified journey persons. The INSTALL Warranty on labor will be provided on a year to year basis and can be adjusted or terminated at anytime by the INSTALL Warranty Sub-Committee if is deemed to be detrimental to INSTALL. As of June 15,2015 the INSTALL Warranty on Labor provides an extra $25,000 Warranty on Labor to Customers/Clients for two (2) tears from installation completion.


INSTALL Warranty Contractors will employ only appropriately INSTALL-certified journey persons. Prior to the initial signing of this INSTALL Warranty Contractor agreement, the requesting contractor will submit a fully completed INSTALL warranty Contractor questionnaire, to be reviewed for adherence to INSTALL standards as an evaluation of eligibility. The UBC International agreement provides a level playing field.

Improperly installed floor coverings are one of the biggest complaints in construction. With the cost of replacing a poor installation well over 8 times the original price, it makes sense that this is a major concern.


While most installers say they’ll guarantee their work, reality is, there’s no way to know for sure, which means you could end up footing the bill. If not for materials. Then the labor. Maybe both. But you’ll definitely be paying for the biggest cost of all. Disruption. Downtime. Delays. Not to mention occupant dissatisfaction.

Even if you’re using a supposedly experienced installer, that’s a big chance you’re taking. And there’s no guarantee the people he’s using are equally experienced. Add in the fact that floor covering installation specs change more than any other specialty — and that’s now a huge gamble.

Don’t gamble on your project’s installation. Require Certified INSTALL Floorcovering Professionals. Our certified contractors are the only group to have a 3rd party warranty to GUARANTEE the job’s done right. So you’ll never have to worry about the cost of replacing a bad installation.